Riding the waves of change


The wave of change is constant like the tide that crashes on the shore day after day, hour after hour. Sometimes it’s grand, and sometimes the change, and the waves are small and subtle but they are always, always happening. Change is the only thing that is constant and if you choose to be riding in front of that wave of change then you are going to be able to see things before they happen. If you would not notice any change, if you are behind the wave and you have no idea what’s happening ahead of you, you may be surprised to find something new when you arrive to your old spot. Things won’t be the same, things change. You could even be standing on the beach, no where near the wave and totally unaware that it is coming. Not knowing how big it is or could be, what type of impact to expect isn’t exactly the position of power. You’ll be smacked with a wave of change that you didn’t see coming but perhaps you should have.

So there you are, either in front of the wave, riding it out as an avant guard and accepting, or way behind, so far behind that you can’t even see what is happening for miles in front of you, then you can also be positioned in the wrong place at the wrong time of change, unaware that it can and will affect you and in what ways. As you stand on the edge of the beach not paying attention…the waves of change come crashing into you li a tidal wave. More than a just a high tide, but something more like a tsunami.

The Tsunami wave of change reconfigures the landscape entirely. In the natural world, you can not very accurately predict exactly where the next Tsunami can and will occur, there’s no real way to tell when an underwater earthquake is going to happen. Scientist mostly gather data after the fact. Lay people won’t see it coming at all. It’s still better to be the scientist trying to get a grasp of what’s going on than to be the person who is taken by utter surprise. When scientist measure seismic activity in the water, they know something is about to happen although they can’t always tell in what direction or with how much force.

You want to be that scientist, even if you only have data that’s so new and fast that it will effect people in an instant, you still want to be able to take advantage of the knowledge you have of what’s about to come. Position yourself if you can. Can you spot changes and trends at the exactmoment or even before they happen? Can you find patterns in peoples behaviors, in business, in life that would benefit you if you were to step into the picture at the right time? It may take a bit of skill and plenty of concentration but do remember it is far better to be riding the wave of change than to be so far behind it that you don’t notice the beauty of change, or to be obliviously standing on the shore, getting smacked in the head by what was inevitable and right in your face the entire time.

What’s better to do than pick up girls?

Sometimes going out and meeting other cool dudes, and cool people in general is better than going out and trying to meet girls. For one reason, let’s say you already have found an awesome girl that you want to spend your time with, (you know, exclusively, and perhaps in a monogamous setting) what are you going to do with your free time that you used to spend chasing beautiful women around the city? The answer is up to you completely, though for me personally, I would try going out for the sole purpose of generating business ideas and seeing which ones I could bring to light.

The other day, I ran into one of the most interesting people I’ve come across in probably a week (I do go out a lot and meeting interesting and cool dudes has become a rarity, although I go out more than most people I would presume) He was my age, but a former break dancer, hip hop rapper, and currently working as a chef in a country club. He has a truly unique story and it was nice to know that we even had some common friends. We talked about business ideas, places we’ve been, places we’d like to go and everything else in-between as we drank a few beers at our local pub.

I do get bored of picking girls up in night clubs and bars although I’m constantly becoming more and more successful at it. (Perhaps I should start timing myself) I’m very happy to have excelled in that part of my game, although I would like to move on to something I find a bit more challenging. For me, that would be making money and bringing business ideas to life. I read an article that not only catered to my ego as a reader and seducer, but made a lot of sense to me and helped me to decide that I should sort of switch gears in respect to where and when I pick up women. Readers are the best people to fall in love withI’m not giving up the player lifestyle, though I do see a need to tailor it if I’m going to attract and retain the types of women that I really want in my life. The article basically stated that people who read are the best types of people to fall in love with. That means I’ll be in the bookstore reading, writing, and now practicing pick up more extensively…..well, until I find another reader who is worth falling in love with I guess. Don’t judge me, I have my reasons for doing what I do. It’s my life…..anyway.

Should that happen, I will then need to focus my extra attention on all things that have to do with financial growth and economic success…..because that’s what’s important to me. Trading one skill set that I’ve gotten better at for another skill set that I need improvement on, seems to be the basis of life itself…at least for me, the Modern Benjamin. What will you do when you’ve mastered or gotten really good at something that you once struggled on? What will you move on to then? Where will you focus your attention so that you don’t atrophy and settle for all things mediocre in this life? When you are always looking for the next level, constantly pushing forward and up, what will happen when you’ve reached your destination in a particular area? What will you conquer next?

Are you overachieving or over-reaching?


At what point does being an over achiever become a hinderance, a burden, or simply counter-productive? At the point of burnout and exhaustion that’s when. Also, if it makes you too anxious about failing or about your “status” in life in general. Being constantly productive is a great thing. The greatest minds in the world were and are extremely productive people and global citizens. However, it should not drive you to the mad house if you don’t get that promotion you had your eyes on for so long. You should not resort (often) to tricks and back door deals just to get what you want.

At some point, it can actually become a bit of a drab life to constantly be worrying about how and when you will achieve your next “success”. It’s equally as important to take some time out and do nothing as it is to go full speed into your projects at 500 miles per hour. Do you know when people typically experience their “aha” moments. That instant that you find a solution to a complex problem…you know when Einstein developed the theory E=mc2? It was during a moment of rest and reflection. The Eureka moment was discovered in a bathtub….quite literally. Archimedes was sitting in a tub, noticed the displacement of water was equal to the weight or mass of his body (i’m a bit fuzzy on the particulars) and discovered a new way to measure mass or something like that (sorry if this post is not scholarly enough for your taste); jumped out of his bathtub fully naked and ran to his laboratory shouting Eureka (“I’ve found it”) or so the story goes. We should have our Modern Benjamin science department check out the particular details and accuracy of this story, but I’ve given them all a day off today to enjoy margaritas by the pool; but the point is that after such and extended period of mental exhaustion, the state of clarity was delivered as the man was trying to relax in his bath tub.

It’s great if you are in 15 different school clubs; many of us have been there and started our own. However, do not let the constant need for promotion, recognition, and even fortune and fame stop you from coming home to your family who waits for you every night….or in my case, my dog. Now, there are plenty of good reasons to be an over achiever, or to be considered one. And, if you are barely getting by then maybe you should try to kick it into high gear for once and see what kind of results you come up with. Mediocrity just won’t do for some of us. And for others, living an exceptional, extraordinary life is the only option. When your motto is “my life is dope and I do dope shit” you know just what I’m talking about.

We, the avant guards, the forward thinking, the pioneers, are the very ones who bring civilization into it’s next great enlightenment and we often do it at the expense of our relationships, our health and even our sanity. Know when enough stress is enough and do not let the world dictate what you should be doing and working on entirely. Set some time out for yourself and enjoy the process of expansion and contraction. Life isn’t always about the outcome, although it may be hard to convince you otherwise. After all, you are the Modern Benjamin.

Happy Birthday America : The 4th is a time for Pot and Tits


The Fourth of July means so much to so many different people. What does it mean to you, and why? As it was originally the birth of our nations independence from England, and we are no longer under the tyrannical rule of a king foreign or domestic; we tend to focus our attention to more freedoms many of us would like to have, but do not possess at the moment. Freedom to smoke pot without incarceration or fines, freedom for women to bare their breasts without public outcry. If it seems that I’m just going to talk about smoking pot, and checking out bare breasts, then you are correct. That’s the stuff that America is (or at least should be) comprised of.

No, we probably shouldn’t go around blowing reefer smoke into the lungs of children at play. No one should even blow cigarette smoke their way in my opinion. Nor should we be allowed to get high and operate heavy machinery, fly planes, or perform surgery on people while under the influence. But two guys sitting on the corner, minding their business, being respectful of children and elderly on the Fourth of July should just be able to enjoy their smoke without persecution. Many people would likely agree; and the laws are bound to change sooner rather than later.

Also, who can argue with tits? Seriously, and not to be facetious at all, but tits are so lovely and the fact that a man can go around baring his chest wherever he pleases, or at least wherever he is allowed access without a shirt (restaurants not included) so should his woman be allowed the same freedoms. It is not a perversion to have breast about, it’s the liberation of the nipple that we’re talking here. Who could be upset with that? Hitler, that’s who! Why is it such a big deal that women walk around covered. Who are we to tell women what is acceptable anymore? What is it that we are trying to preserve? What great danger or harm is being avoided by clothing women’s nipples? Wouldn’t it be the norm and not such a big thing if the practice was allowed, or rather not discriminated against.

Think of how lovely a summer evening you could have if you and your friends were leaving or heading to a pool area where there is alcohol being served, marijuana being lit, and topless women lounging about the sides of the pool. Sound like an interesting place? As soon as it’s legal, it will surely be my night club of choice, if not my place of business. Do I think this is some kind of euphoria that can be achieved without people getting their feathers ruffled? The answer to that is “no”. Someone is always going to find fault in whatever takes place. Those people are not invited to the party however. They are to be banished to their television sets and their comfy chairs in their drab living rooms until someone wakes them up out of their time warp. Or better yet, until they can fully wake themselves up. I don’t have much time for evangelizing.

Maybe a few private social clubs would be in order to ease people’s transition into a topless, pot laced America. Who’s freedoms are being harmed by the practice of marijuana smoking, and topless gatherings? Should our nation be governed by such a conservative, approach that holds little to no merit? Is it an extension of some Christian paranoia that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and we must therefore take all measures to make sure people aren’t exhibiting signs of lewdness, debauchery and some kind of devil worship. We’ve all got our one lives to live and shouldn’t we spend that time enjoying our freedoms if they are not encroaching on the freedom’s of another? Why so many rules? This is America and America is founded upon not taking any shit, any unnecessary rules, and any tyrannical approach from anybody. Happy Birthday America, let’s continue to grow and be enlightened until the end of your days.

Reflection and Moving Forward


Develop the ability to reflect. As you go about making your mark on the world, as you live life with purpose and positivity, striving to obtain what you think is for you….rather, what you believe is destined for you, you must also reflect on the process that is taking you there and on the emotions, wins, losses, and general actions you’ve taken to get you where you want to go.

For the self educated persons, and for all people though, as a general rule, you must be able to reflect in order to continually learn what you must do to move forward. Recording your wins, your losses, and your strategy is great for honing your attention and focus where you want it exactly. Writing a business plan will provide you with the guidelines you need to see the success you envision. But what if you write such a blue print, and never look at it again, or banish it to the dark recesses of your mind while you are so worried about taking the correct actions….you must get the plans and the notes out every once in a while to track how far you’ve come, and where it appears you may end up.

It is just as important to look back over where you have been, what you thought, and what you originally planned as it is to expand your vision for yourself and what you believe is possible by creating new and expansive plans. When you rely on yourself to motivate you, to get yourself out of bed, to make your fortune, to grow in every way possible, you must take advantage of all the little tactics that will help you to get ahead. Reflection allows you to refine your philosophy, to streamline your operation, to do away with excess and go about your life hitting every milestone on the road to success.

Much like copying notes in a classroom, it makes no sense to write three pages of notes if you will only ignore them once you step out of the classroom setting. If you have a journal and you’ve been making entries for a while, one of the best things about having recorded a history, is in the ability to look back and reflect on it. Reflecting helps you improve your assessment of yourself, your whereabouts, your feelings as well as your virtues and desires. If your achievement can be no greater than your plans are sound, then reflecting is an exercise and an opportunity to make your plans even more sound and more real to you and to others as well.

Take a little bit of time out of your day and go over the plans you have made for yourself, take inventory of your thoughts and emotions, how they may have changed, or take a look at past situations that you have now learned from and see where you must either continue doing things the same way, or change and go a new route. All of this is depending on the outcome you desire and the refinement to those plans which you have made, should they be necessary.

It’s one of the best ways to learn from yourself. Take advantage the time you may have in your day to reflect on where you were a year a go, 6 months ago, or 5 years back. As long as you can understand your thought process then and compare it to now; as long as you can feel the way you felt then and see how it may have changed about a particular person or subject and learn what improvements are necessary to be better in the future, you will be using that time to reflect wisely.

The autodidact, the formal student, the Modern Benjamin, and all who wish to attain anything of significance must use reflection as a tool to hone their plan, their character, and their direction to be sure to arrive at the point of which they have desired. Take a look back every once in a while and use that to see where you are heading.

You’ve only got 24 hours (We all do)


We’ve all got the same 24 hours. How you choose to use that time is up to you. Each second that ticks and every minute that tocks ever so slightly forward can be used to shape and determine your future 10 years from now. It all really depends on what you do with the seconds and minutes that you have now. Every moment counts and you should always be applying yourself to learn something or experience things that will help you later on in your life. What will you choose to do with your 24 hours? Because you know that time wasted is an opportunity lost, shouldn’t you even spend your leisure time engaged in something delightful?

If you could look down the road of time and see yourself in 10 years, would you be happy with the vision you have for yourself? Could you see how the actions and decisions you make now will effect you to help you get there? Or could what you are currently doing deter you from reaching your goal and your vision of yourself in the future? Given the same 24 hours as everyone else on this planet, should you spend 8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working at some job you are overqualified for or disinterested in, then using the other 8 hours to watch television; how could that possibly effect you in the long run if you do it day in and day out? What type of pattern will you have set and how much change might you make (or miss out on) after living this lifestyle for 2, or 5, or 10 years? It doesn’t seem like it will get you far.

Stealing time from your sleep schedule, perhaps an hour or 2, or 3; and stealing time from your work schedule if possible (don’t get yourself fired) to work on yourself, your projects, your business, and your future should give you a significant advantage in the years to come and help you achieve that grand vision of yourself you’ve always had if you are not there yet. What you focus on, you will bring to life, even subconsciously. Focus your energy and attention on your future self with positive radiant energy. Stay focused on the journey and realize it will be a long one. Your success is going to be a by product of that journey; of staying the course and of never giving up. No matter what you do, should you do it with intense emotion, you will begin the process of shaping and changing the outcome of your future.

The universe responds to intense emotion, the universe will respond to massive action, the universe responds to bad asses; the universe is shaped by the Modern Benjamin. Think about the perfect day for yourself. What would you do with those 24 hours? How do you want your perfect day to go? What would it be like? Where would you wake up? Who would you wake up next to? What kind of things would you have to do during this perfect day? Take the time to think about it, write it down and see if you could actually do those things day in and day out for years on end. Sure there will be birthday’s anniversaries, graduations, and all the things that make life worth living, but strip those 24 hours down to the most basic things you would like to do and accomplish day in and day out.

Here’s a bit of what my perfect day would look like. Waking up by 7:30 in a beautiful space, next to two beautiful women; eating breakfast then tinkering away on my laptop for work until about noon. Having brunch, then exercising, connecting with friends or doing something recreational in the early evening. Perhaps working some more until 8, eating dinner and the occasional party during the week nights. If not, I’d fall asleep by 11 or 12, or 1, then waking up to do it again. Though it’s not the most specific thing I’ve ever planned (and success is in the details), it does provide a general guideline for how I want to live my life on a day to day basis. Hidden in those guidelines are the steps I need to take to make that day all the more real if I count and plan backwards from that point. The type of business I’d have to run, the typed of relationships I’d have to form, and the type of space I’d like to live in. We’ve all got the same 24 hours. What you choose to do with them are entirely up to you.

Letting Go


Knowing when to let go can be a strenuous mental exercise, an emotionally taxing experience and a gut wrenching process. But it’s just as important to know when to walk away from something as it is to recognize when an opportunity has made itself presentable to you. As you should know when and where to strike or to place your concentrated efforts.

If something is no longer working for you in the way that it used to. If you find yourself going through the motions of monotony and no longer progressing then maybe it’s time for you to change course, to let go, or to pick up another hobby or skill that should benefit you more.

Holding on to people who no longer mean or seem to do you any good, holding on to ideas that are outdated and are no longer valid, or holding on to a behavior or addiction that is slowly killing you can be a process in itself to get rid of. You only have to live for yourself and you even have the choice of not living up to your fullest potential should you choose to do so. You can let your life waste away from neglect if you choose or even to accept all the things that come in to your life by default. Knowing when to let go or to add on is essential in the business of self development.

The choice is up to you, but should you choose to break away from the things that do not benefit you, from the ailment that haunts you or from the ideas that stifle you, you may come across some resistance and you should expect things so ingrained into your culture or identity to want to fight to stay. You can expect them to be a bit difficult to walk away from. If it’s apart of your ego, then you are basically fooled that it is a part of you.

Just as going through a metamorphic transformation is extremely energetically and time consuming for the caterpillar, so is undergoing the transformation that would make you a better human being. So it goes with losing the disgusting habits, friends, and ideas that serve only to hold you back. When you must move forward because there is little or no other option, you must be prepared for a journey in itself that requires your concentrated effort.

Letting go can be painful but should you choose to make detachment a part of your everyday practice, it might be a bit easier when the stakes are higher because detachment helps you find the happiness in being. Not in having, or doing, or even knowing, but in the moment of being present. Detachment is an ancient concept practiced by many people though perhaps more exclusively by people indigenous to eastern philosophy.

Detachment as a release from wanting and consequently a release from suffering is a practice and philosophy that helps to alleviate the human soul and condition from unnecessary pain. And, it should also help to make loss a more bearable process. After all, when you are constantly practicing not being attached to things, it can become much more easier to process when something you love goes away, or when some plan of action which is no longer working or is obviously outdated, needs to be shelved. It aides in the ability to start from scratch. It helps to build the resiliency in your character you will need to take on all the challenges that you will face throughout your career, your life, and your day. There’s a reason why we practice these things all the time. To prepare yourself for when something eventually needs to happen, you may look to yourself and say with confidence “This is not a drill, immediate action must be taken in order to rectify this situation” and you will not hesitate to do what is necessary for you to remain victorious, afloat, and alive.