Riding the waves of change


The wave of change is constant like the tide that crashes on the shore day after day, hour after hour. Sometimes it’s grand, and sometimes the change, and the waves are small and subtle but they are always, always happening. Change is the only thing that is constant and if you choose to be riding in front of that wave of change then you are going to be able to see things before they happen. If you would not notice any change, if you are behind the wave and you have no idea what’s happening ahead of you, you may be surprised to find something new when you arrive to your old spot. Things won’t be the same, things change. You could even be standing on the beach, no where near the wave and totally unaware that it is coming. Not knowing how big it is or could be, what type of impact to expect isn’t exactly the position of power. You’ll be smacked with a wave of change that you didn’t see coming but perhaps you should have.

So there you are, either in front of the wave, riding it out as an avant guard and accepting, or way behind, so far behind that you can’t even see what is happening for miles in front of you, then you can also be positioned in the wrong place at the wrong time of change, unaware that it can and will affect you and in what ways. As you stand on the edge of the beach not paying attention…the waves of change come crashing into you li a tidal wave. More than a just a high tide, but something more like a tsunami.

The Tsunami wave of change reconfigures the landscape entirely. In the natural world, you can not very accurately predict exactly where the next Tsunami can and will occur, there’s no real way to tell when an underwater earthquake is going to happen. Scientist mostly gather data after the fact. Lay people won’t see it coming at all. It’s still better to be the scientist trying to get a grasp of what’s going on than to be the person who is taken by utter surprise. When scientist measure seismic activity in the water, they know something is about to happen although they can’t always tell in what direction or with how much force.

You want to be that scientist, even if you only have data that’s so new and fast that it will effect people in an instant, you still want to be able to take advantage of the knowledge you have of what’s about to come. Position yourself if you can. Can you spot changes and trends at the exactmoment or even before they happen? Can you find patterns in peoples behaviors, in business, in life that would benefit you if you were to step into the picture at the right time? It may take a bit of skill and plenty of concentration but do remember it is far better to be riding the wave of change than to be so far behind it that you don’t notice the beauty of change, or to be obliviously standing on the shore, getting smacked in the head by what was inevitable and right in your face the entire time.


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