Why Should You Value Women?


Behind every great man is a great woman so the popular phrasing goes. But that is not to mean the great woman is figuratively behind him. Although a powerful man may take the helm and be out front in the public eye he his more than likely either grounded by his spouse or life partner, or quite possibly lead to be a greater man by her, which would position her out in front. Assuming she is the more enlightened of the two, dragging him out of his caveman like behavior. A great woman does have the distinct power to do this. The position of this mysterious great woman who is unseen to the public does not likely have a static position in his life but plays a large encompassing role to such a singular focused specimen. The great woman orbits the great man as the Moon orbits the Earth. She’s not in one place, she’s not just mother, or wife, or sister, or confidant, or lover, or therapist, or friend, or caretaker. She, being a great woman, has more than one role and more than one dimension in the great drama of life.

As this great man gives value to society in an encompassing role, so to does the woman who is able to hold on to him, give value to her man on a variety of fronts. She is perhaps even stronger than her man as she may be the catalyst that drives him, or the focus that makes him precise, or the dreamer that gives him the picture for which to paint. In however a way that a muse is applied, she may likely play more than one part in his life if he is truly a mean of great measure. In her immense and often subtle power, she may find it in her infinite wisdom not to flaunt her more powerful existence in the face of his frail ego. She may break him by doing so. That is real power, the power to spur another on and though she is the reason he can do all sorts of wonderful things, reach a multitude of people because of her influence over him, and because she civilizes him as all women do their man of choice; when she refrains from tearing him down as easily as she can unplug a lamp that gives light to a room with the swift jerk of an extension cord; she is then keeping her secret to the world that all the while, it is your masculinity being manipulated by her drive.  

Strong women are the puppeteers and we are the puppets in the great drama of life. They are the reason we go about changing the course of history. Would there have been a Trojan war without the abduction of Helen of Troy? Is this not a man’s world that would mean little to nothing without a woman or a girl? To paraphrase the gospel of James Brown and although they are song lyrics it would not be wise discredit it. The lyrics of songs have very often tried to get us to understand and underlying meaning in life. Their merits hold just as equally as any good book depending on the author.  

Just as you cannot thrive in society as a business man without people who aid in commerce and make business itself possible; you may not fully reach your true potential without the aide of some woman who sees you as greater than you currently are. When you can see yourself through the eyes of the woman who is enamored with you for whatever reason, it helps to provide you with an ideal to live up to. Maybe even a future that you hadn’t envisioned yourself. Or maybe you could, but it was a bit foggy. Women have a knack for details and I mean every little, tiny detail. Success is in the details and it’s no surprise that the encouragement of the right people will help to propel you to the places you need to be, to do the things you need to do, and to go about attaining the things you want and need to have.

Women have the power to refine men, to give us something to fight for, to give us something to look forward to, and to prepare us for events that we may not have seen coming. Cherish a great woman. See the value in her, not just for what she can do for you, but for what she can bring to the world as a whole. Likely, she will see the same value in you, if not to some greater extent.

There’s a story I read recently that is hard for me to recount verbatim although the central theme is pravelant. When the POTUS, Barack Obama, was running for re-election, he visited a restaurant to do some campaigning. During his usual kissing babies and shaking hands routine, he got a chance to sit down in the restaurant and talk to the restaurant owner over a meal. He was campaigning with his wife, Michelle, and a dialogue was struck between the three as people looked on. The First Lady and the restaurant owner as it turned out lived in the same neighborhood as children and perhaps attended the same high school. Upon such news, the POTUS turned to his lovely wife and said something to the affect of “Honey, if you would’ve married him instead of me, you would’ve been the wife of a wonderful restaurant owner. His food is delicious, and I love it.” Without skipping a beat, the FLOTUS turned to her powerful husband and said, “No, If I would’ve married him, he would’ve been the President of The United States.”


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